Advanced Intelligence to Extract the Root Causes of Risk


Distilled. Relevant. Actionable.

If you want to diagnose a condition, you must look beneath the surface. The same is true with risk. To prevent a claim, we must first understand why it occurred. What is the root cause? 

Accurate data is vital, and that’s where Coverys stands apart. Rather than overwhelming you with data overload, our robust business analytics provide a sophisticated analysis of claims data to identify where you are most vulnerable for the risk of professional liability claims. Instead of providing you with a stack of spreadsheets, we distill the data—making it relevant and actionable.

You can then leverage our educational programs and risk management strategies to prioritize your corrective actions and minimize potential risks for you, your facility, and your patients. 


Hindsight Leads to Foresight

At Coverys, we view medical claims data trends as signals—warning us about potential patient harm, claims, and looming lawsuits. These signals can be critical in mitigating potential claims and avoiding potential lawsuits. With intelligence on your side, you can:
  • Identify your organization’s unique risk factors
  • Target and prioritize your risk management efforts to make the greatest impact with your limited resources
  • Reduce claims, their associated distractions, and consequential costs—driving down your organization’s total cost of risk
  • Align your risk mitigation plan with Accountable Care Organization (ACO) quality measures
  • Access our proprietary, interactive Risk Analytics Dashboard 24/7 to better understand medical professional liability claims trends by specialty, cause of loss, and associated economic impact.


Coverys Business Analytics Stand Apart for Two Reasons: People and Technology.


Our people: 

We employ a team of professionals (with clinical, legal, and risk management backgrounds) to perform root-cause analyses on every claim. To reduce variability and subjective bias from analyst to analyst, we apply inter-rater reliability monitoring and testing. Using our proprietary Risk Management Taxonomy, analysts assign codes to capture the primary causation factors associated with each claim. When you combine data with human interpretation and application, it becomes much more relevant. Data is transformed into information.

Our technology: 

Our rich comparative database includes data from a decade of Coverys medical professional liability cases. Accessible online, with user-friendly queries, it provides “actionable intelligence” to hospitals, healthcare networks, practices, physicians, advanced practice providers, and nurses. 

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