Improving patient safety and care, promoting healthy lifestyles, and supporting healthcare professionals

For more than 40 years, Coverys has been committed to serving the insurance needs of the healthcare community. Our policyholders have gone through significant changes in how they practice, the tools and diagnostic resources available to them, and an increasing need in the amount of research required to enhance patient safety.
Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation, Inc. was established to support charitable organizations and endeavors that improve patient safety and care, promote healthy lifestyles, and support individuals and organizations that provide healthcare. Since its inception in 2013, the Foundation has donated over $7 million in charitable contributions.

Grants and Charitable Contributions

The Foundation supports charitable endeavors focused on:
  • Programs and initiatives to improve patient care and safety
  • Organizations that provide healthcare services
  • Charitable causes that are supported by our employees
To submit a proposal for grant funding, please complete the Coverys Community Healthcare Foundation Grant Request Form along with compiling all necessary documents, and email the proposal to


Employee Giving

We are proud to offer directed donations and matching gifts programs, allowing our employees to identify a charitable organization to which Coverys will make a contribution on their behalf or match a donation made by the employee. In addition, employees are offered one day per calendar year to spend volunteering at a charitable organization with the goal that we can positively impact the healthcare community and the communities in which we operate.


Foundation Activities