Join Coverys Workers’ Compensation Services for Our 2020 Risk Control Webinar Series

This series presents timely, engaging, and information-packed webinars that are designed specifically for you. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, we know you understand the importance of continued education on health and safety in the work environment. Our webinars offer both Coverys experts as well as specialists from around the country who speak on important topics that healthcare providers encounter daily. Below is our 2020 schedule. View the 2020 Risk Control Webinar Series Brochure 
  • March 19 – Workplace Violence Prevention
  • April 22 – Achieving a Culture of Safety: Linking Caregiver and Patient Safety through Safe Patient Handling and Mobility
  • May 13 – Health Effects of Peracetic Acid Disinfectants
  • June 17 – The Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool 2.0 (BMAT 2.0) Linked to Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Practices
  • October 21 – Workplace Ergonomic Assessment Tools
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